Videography Rates Dan Garrity Media Thunder Bay

Wedding Films

Each Highlight Film is shot and edited to tell a story based on each individual wedding couple. After we chat with you about key factors like location, coverage, timeline, etc. we can start to plan how you want your video to look and feel to tell your individual wedding day story. When you hire us Please Trust us 100%. If you like what you see on our website, let us have creative control and we will blow your mind! We are open to you ideas and input and we can give you advice along the way to help create the perfect masterpiece film for you. This includes, planning, handling your formalities, time-line scheduling, communication with other vendors, music, and more.

Highlight Film:
Approximately 4-6 minutes long $2500 + hst (Delivered on Custom Jump Drive)

Highlight Film + Full Day Edit:
Approximately 4-6 minutes long + 30-45 Minute Full Day Video $3500 + hst (Delivered on Custom Jump Drive & DVD)

Love Story Films

Our Love Story Engagement Films tell of how you met and fell in love. We tell this story through fun and sincere interviews. This is your chance to remind each other and  your loved ones what came before the proposal. This is you chance to show why you are, in fact, perfect for each other.  This style of film is popular to showcase at your receptions to invite guests especially those you’ve met only once in your life into your personal history. This film will allow them to get to know the love story they’re there to celebrate.  Another benefit of these films is the opportunity to work with Us before the wedding if you choose to hire us. There’s often one person in the couple who is a bit camera-shy and we have found time and time again that this exercise helps that person to become more open and relaxed with the camera, making the wedding day itself easier and the wedding film much better.

Love Story Film: Approximately 4-6 minutes long $1200 + hst

Promotional Films

Whether you are starting a new company or promoting a new line of products, it is imperative to get noticed. However, getting noticed among all the competition is getting harder and harder. How do you separate yourself from all the noise? An excellent way to create awareness of your company is through the use of promotional video production that displays what you have to offer in an attractive and catchy format. A promotional or ‘how to’ video posted on YouTube (or even your company’s own website which is a service we also provide) can do wonders to attract clients. People that would typically not read about a company will be drawn to a catchy, well-executed video. The visual presentation will help potential clients remember what you have to offer. A professional promotional video will be viewed multiple times by people from all walks of life. Working with a professional may cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but the result is more than worth it.

Promo Videos: Please Contact for pricing as every corporate video is extremely different.